Rock Crystal


Few other gemstones are as clear, pure, powerful and charged with as much energy as the rock crystal. It is one of the most important gemstones in the world. The name rock crystal comes from the Greek word "krystallos" and translated means ice. The Romans believed that it was the throne of the gods and could give courage, wisdom and fidelity in the relationship. Native Americans place this sacred stone in the cradle of newborns, and Buddhists use it to connect with higher planes. The earth is about 65% silicon, the mineral that gives rise to rock crystals. Rock crystal is made up of oxygen and silicon atoms. It is also called clear quartz and belongs to the quartz family. Constant pressure, temperature and the right minerals over a period of even up to several million years ensure the formation of rock crystal in its deposits. It is mainly found in countries like Brazil, Madagascar, Namibia, USA, Mexico, Russia, China, India, and Germany, Austria and Switzerland.


Rock crystal is a balancing stone that gives you harmony and strength. The clear quartz is known to absorb, store and regulate the energies. It is considered a strengthening stone because everything you give it, you will get back many times over. Quartz crystals can also increase and amplify the energy levels of other healing stones, making it perfect for recharging. It can help you increase your self-confidence and make you feel better about yourself. Wearing the quartz crystal helps keep your mind focused and clear while turning your dreams into reality. Rock crystal gives you intelligence, strength and clarity, supports your attention, memory and prevents distractions from outside influences. It helps you to free yourself from bad thoughts as well as mood swings, fears, nightmares and traumas. The quartz crystal is associated with the crown chakra and resonates with it most strongly. However, a special characteristic of it is that it can connect with all chakras and harmonizes with them from head to toe. On a cellular level, rock crystal, as well as the human body, is composed of silica - a compound that attracts energy and promotes transmission. Rock crystal is used to amplify, store and transform in ultrasonic devices, watches, microphones, radio transmitters, computers and other electronic devices. The most famous form of use to date is the quartz watch. Here, the quartz crystal is used as a clock by its constant oscillation, while the battery provides the energy and sets the hands in motion, and is even more accurate than mechanical clocks.

In short sentences

Compared to other gemstones, rock crystal may look pure and simple, but the powerful gemstone is unique when it comes to crystal healing. It has so much energy that it can charge other stones as an all-rounder. It is able to harmonize your body, mind and soul. It also stimulates the smallest emotions and magnifies them many times over so that you can get everything you desire. When you wear it, you gain self-confidence and develop high stamina so that you can effortlessly access the unattainable!