The name "GEMLY & Co." is derived from the English word "gem," which translates to Gemstone. I chose to name my first two collections Divya दिव्या and Ameya अमेय with the 5 gemstones Amethyst, Rock Crystal, Rose Quartz, Onyx and Blue Topaz and I am of course looking forward to expanding these in the near future. All my gemstones come from the land of the tropical rainforests of Brazil and located in the Indian Ocean the island of Madagascar. Gemstones differ due to many factors, such as color, clarity, weight, cut and rarity. The weight of gemstones is expressed in carats. 1 carat is equal to 0.2 grams. Gemstones such as tanzanite, ruby, or a deep green emerald from Colombia, which can trade for up to $20,000 per carat, are so valuable because of their rarity.
In the gemstone trade, the letter "A" is used to measure the grading of clarity, intensity of color, and transparency. A stands for "A" excellent, "AA" stands for very good quality, and "AAA" stands for outstanding. The latter applies to GEMLY & Co. hand-picked gemstone jewelry. For the gemstones selected by me in the beautiful baguette and oval cut, however, no depletion of resources is expected in the future, since their occurrence in the world is very common and I attach great importance to sustainability. In addition, GEMLY & Co. supports as a member the association Fair Trade Minerals & Gems e.V.

Unfortunately, the trade in fake and artificial gemstones in this world has not been spared. The most popular form here is the "zirconia", which can be made in many different colors, but is usually supposed to represent an imitation diamond. It is produced synthetically and cheaply and is mainly used in fashion jewelry and, except for its appearance, has no properties comparable to natural gemstones. Because of this, GEMLY & Co. jewelry has been tested and certified for authenticity by a gemological institute. And finally, I would like to remind you that no gemstone is the same, because every stone is unique and as unique as you are.