Social Commitment

Children are the future of our society. Children also have big dreams, which unfortunately often cannot be fulfilled because even the smallest basic needs are lacking. We live in a world where poverty and wealth are extremely unequally distributed. Due to poverty, over 100 million children worldwide live on the streets and are malnourished, weak and vulnerable to disease. Often there is not even access to clean drinking water. Every day, children die from poor sanitation, disease, and inadequate care. Lifelong trauma and depression accompany the girls and boys due to horrific experiences. Even more than 300 million children and young people in this world cannot attend school. However, education is the basis for a self-determined life. Instead, children in developing countries are exploited in their young years under inhumane conditions for child labor for a low wage. Time for school? They do not have. In some cases they are forced to destroy our environment as they struggle daily to survive by any means necessary. Children who have to bear responsibility far too early and lack security and care. Due to the increasing demand for cheap production, we even support this without a thought of buying fair trade goods instead.

With this, I want you to understand that a happy childhood is not a given. Profit is not everything, for this reason, GEMLY & Co. donates 1€ monthly to Plan International for every order placed. Just by buying a GEMLY & Co. piece of jewelry, you are helping to feed a child for an entire day and provide life-saving care for 1€. Likewise, you can voluntarily donate 2%, 5% or 10% of your order total in the check-out when paying, which will be additionally debited and donated 100% to Plan International.

With the help of Plan International, children from developing countries and crisis areas can be helped through numerous projects and goals such as famine, drinking water, medical aid, hygiene, education, child protection, psychosocial care and much more, to a better living condition and given the chance to live a better life.
You can find more information about Plan International.

"The bitterest poverty puts its finger on its mouth, and wishes - not to be seen, but to be sought."

Ignaz Felner