How do Gemstones work?

Unlike often thought, stones are not a completely dead matter. According to lithotherapy (gemstone medicine), the electromagnetic radiation of the stone affects the energy pathways (meridians) in the body, the activity of the energy centers (chakras) and the life energy (prana). If you are on the same wavelength with them, resonance occurs. An effect occurs when you consistently engage with the crystal and even start perceive it as a "personality" and hereby and get into a relaxed state to open yourself to the vibration and energy of the stone. It may sound strange, but the stone responds to your conversation, touch and thoughts. Give it some trust, faith, love and confidence and build a trusting relationship with the stone!

Law of Attraction

Purely in terms of physics, everything is made up of energy and based on the scientific principle of "like attracts like", the Law of Attraction is a universal law that is constantly at work. Everything in the universe vibrates and also reacts to your vibration, triggered by your thoughts, emotions, actions and reactions. So you could certainly notice how colors or scents improve your mood or give you new energy. So if you come into contact with "positive vibes" from the outside, your own resonance is also positively strengthened. However, if you encounter negative energy, you will lose balance and feel battered. So the energy we send to the world is the energy we get back. And when the soul is ailing, the body suffers as well. Gemstones help make it easier to overcome blockages in your energy flow.