Have you ever heard of rhodium or rhodium plating?
No? Ok, let me explain to you!

Rhodium is considered the rarest precious metal in the world. It is produced exclusively as a by-product in the mining of platinum and palladium. Therefore, it is also the most expensive metal in the world and is even 10 times more expensive than gold. For comparison 1 kg rhodium approx. 550.000,00 € = 1 kg gold approx. 55.000,00 €.

But what makes rhodium so valuable?
Firstly, it is a very hard and durable metal with a very high melting point. It has a beautiful shiny silvery white color by nature.
It is mainly used in the jewelry industry, for eyeglass frames or watches. One speaks of rhodium plating when the base material, especially silver or white gold, is coated with a thin layer of rhodium. This process serves as a protection against tarnishing, especially in the case of silver, and protects the piece of jewelry from natural oxidation and gives it a longer shelf life due to its hardness, as silver is a rather soft metal.
On the other hand, rhodium plating visually gives a smooth, shiny finish and a cool silver tone, because white gold and silver, contrary to what you might think, have a rather warm yellow-greyish tone. Not to mention, the piece of jewelry receives an increase in value due to the refinement.

And last but not least, GEMLY & Co. uses rhodium plating because it is as hypoallergenic and skin-friendly as gold and silver!