Sustainable gemstones

Gemstones are not always beautiful...

Gemstones are Mother Nature's mineral resources and are found all over the world. For me, it was important in the selection of gemstones that the stones come from conflict-free countries. Unfortunately, in regions where civil wars are raging, so-called "blood diamonds" are mined illegally in order to exchange them for weapons. Some precious stones like rubies or emeralds are so valuable and rare and can be traded up to thousands of Euros. A real struggle for the beautiful mineral resources. Also bad working conditions and the mining of gemstones demand health risks. Hunger wages and child labor are not uncommon and are the dark side of the pretty gems.

Nevertheless, we should not renounce the natural powers of stones. On the contrary, the mining of gemstones is becoming more and more supported. For example, in some countries large machines are banned as to provide people in poor countries with jobs and the opportunity to earn money. GEMLY & Co. uses in its jewelry exclusively gemstones, which are abundantly available in the world, and also in the future no exhaustion of resources is expected. The gemstones are obtained from social and environmental aspects from the two known countries with the largest number of discovery sites for gemstones in Brazil and Madagascar.

To further support the promotion of sustainable gemstones, GEMLY & Co. is a member of the association FairTrade Minerals & Gems e.V. The association is committed to promoting decent working and living conditions, fair wages, social justice, education, and the protection and conservation of natural resources through projects in developing countries.