The name of the black onyx comes from the Greek word "Onux", which translated means "fingernail". It was said that the onyx was good for skin, hair and nails. Onyx was one of the most important gemstones in ancient times and was considered a protective stone against evil and black magic. Onyx is a black form of chalcedony and comes from the quartz group. It is formed from silica containing manganese and iron by magmatic rock in rock caves. Onyx is mined mainly in countries such as Brazil, India, Yemen, Madagascar, Mexico, Pakistan, Uruguay, and the United States.


Wearing Onyx helps you to let go of negative emotions, protect yourself from the "evil eye", get rid of the past and focus on the here and now. The main strengths of this stone are intuition, focus, balance, positivity, change and protection. It is fondly called the stone of self-control because it gives you tremendous stamina to stand firm in difficult situations. On a spiritual level, it protects you from negative influences and allows you to focus on what is truly important in your life. It can be used to enhance your analytical thinking and is said to counteract anxiety and stress and promote inner peace. With the Onyx, you'll also learn to say "no" clearly more easily. A small disadvantage of the onyx could be that you become more stubborn and energetic. However, these are qualities that make you a stronger personality. It supports you in getting closer to your dreams and desires by worrying less about others, as we have adopted the behaviors of satisfying the others. Nevertheless, the onyx does not make you an egoist. The onyx ensures that you have all the strength to protect your loved ones, be it family, children, friends or partners. The onyx influences the root chakra - the chakra under your feet. This is considered the first of the seven chakras and is associated with our survival instinct to take root, to find a place in the world. The root chakra, also called Muladhara, has a strong connection to your body and is said to give you serenity, grounding and security. All of this helps you learn more about yourself and your inner aspirations and goals. To intensify the powers, you can also combine Onyx with rock crystal. These two stones energize, reinforce each other's positive properties, and bring you into balance.

In short sentences

Black Onyx is the true reflection of your soul. It filters the perceptions around you and allows you to know the depths of your personality. It helps insanely to build your self-confidence. If you are on your own and need a lot of stamina and strength, the onyx is excellent for you. With new confidence, you'll notice the need for harmony increasing. Harmony stands for tranquility. For in tranquility lies strength. An element that is very important in your life.