Jewelry may only be designated "vermeil" according to the gilding technique used in France since 1700 if it meets the following criteria:

- Only 925 sterling silver or fine silver as the base material
- At least 10 karat gold
- And at least a 2.5 micron thick gold layer

GEMLY & Co. jewelry can prove with its 4 micron thick gold layer compared to normal gold-plated jewelry up to 5 times longer life and is well above the minimum requirements of a Vermeil [ver-may] gold plating. Because this everyday minimalist jewelry should accompany you in all phases of life, without losing their beauty. In addition, all jewelry is finished with an anti-tarnish layer for long-lasting shine. I also opted for 18 karat gold plating, because Vermeil's thick gold layer makes it look a lot like pure gold. With the rising high price of gold, Vermeil jewelry is a beautiful and perfect alternative for you. This feature makes GEMLY & Co. jewelry not only more sustainable but also higher quality due to its long durability. A big advantage to Vermeil is also that it is hypoallergenic, as gold and silver are two high-quality anallergic precious metals, making it safe for allergy sufferers.
In addition, the jewelry was tested according to the EU chemicals regulation "REACH" in the laboratory, so that all values are harmless and thus nickel-safe. Also carried out on GEMLY & Co. jewelry are non-contact coating thickness measurement, a salt spray test and a material analysis.