Gemstone Information

I'm glad you want to know more about the beautiful minerals, which unfortunately are more and more forgotten. I have summarized all the information for you in detail and am happy to bring you gemstones a little closer. In advance, I would like to point out to you that there are no scientific studies for the effect of gemstones to date. However, I believe that in life there does not have to be a scientific explanation for everything. Litotherapy (gemstone therapy) is based on empirical knowledge and belongs to alternative medicine, which has been used for several thousand years by various cultural peoples of the world. "For where faith has sat for a thousand years, there now sits doubt" - so Bertolt Brecht. Perhaps it may also be due to the placebo effect, whereby we trigger a reaction in the subconscious and our psyche promotes the body's self-healing mechanism.

What are gemstones?

In a nutshell, gemstones are like books. A book doesn't take a task away from you. It doesn't solve your problems. But when you read it, you receive information that makes you act differently after reading the book than before. Each gemstone has individually unique sound vibrations and electromagnetic radiations. When a crystal comes into contact with your energy, it emits vibrations at a consistent frequency and will tune you to a higher frequency, making it easier to overcome blockages. This sounds unbelievable at first, but maybe you happen to own a quartz watch? In 1927, the quartz gemstone was first incorporated into watches. The movement is set in motion by the energy source of the battery. To this day, the quartz still ensures that it sends out constant oscillations per second as a clock. Gemstones are natural occurrences that were already formed 3 to 10 million years ago in the earth's interior. For their formation they need a lot of heat and pressure. The minerals are formed from liquid magma, by sediment deposition, by weathering, or by a physical transformation process involving high pressure and high temperatures. These are long lasting processes and it can take millions of years for the precious gemstone to reach the earth's surface.

Gemstones in other cultures

Even thousands of years ago, gemstones were said to have healing purposes by ancient cultures such as the ancient Romans, Greeks, Egyptians. We owe the spread of gemstone therapy in Europe to Hildegard von Bingen. In ancient times, like everything in nature, stones were considered to be alive and were used in a natural way like medicinal herbs. In the Middle Ages, they were worn as amulets and talismans for protection against sorcery, evil eyes and diseases. Through the New Age wave in the 20th century, gemstones experienced a renaissance. The news of the healing stone and its effect spread quickly among the population. In the course of the mindfulness trend, gemstones are gaining popularity again today. Especially in the beauty industry they experience a boom through the "face roller" or the "Gua Sha" stone. Stars like Kim Kardashian have also firmly incorporated the magical stones into their wellness rituals, as she recently revealed in a "VOGUE" issue.