Blue Topaz


Topaz is one of the most beautiful and popular gemstones. The name of the glass-like crystal was named after the island "Topazios" in the Red Sea. There the first stone was discovered by the ancient Romans. The ancient Greeks wore it because it was believed to give them energy and strength, and it represented longevity and wisdom. Topaz is composed of the minerals aluminum, silicon, fluorine and iron. It comes in different colors, but the most sought-after and valuable variety is the blue topaz. It comes in several variations such as London Blue, Swiss Blue and Sky Blue. It can be found in many corners of the world such as Mexico, Japan, Burma, Norway, USA, Russia and of course Brazil. It is mainly found in igneous rocks, acidic volcanic rocks, and river sediments.


The ocean-colored gemstone is associated with wisdom, communication, and the path to success. It is a stone that is said to be able to ease anxiety and worry, and encourages you to believe in your own strengths to find happiness. It is a gentle and empathetic stone and is traditionally referred to as the stone of luck. It is also great for meditating, as just watching it is enough to absorb its energy. Topaz helps you inspire confidence in the universe by quelling doubts and insecurities. The crystal clear as glass is the gemstone when it comes to neck, head and general well-being. Its positive vibration penetrates the body best through the throat chakra. It is the stone for rhetoric and communication and gives you the self-confidence you need to express your desires and needs to the outside world. With your own voice, you deepen your relationship with yourself and the people around you.

In short sentences

Blue Topaz gives you a sense of truth and brings joy, affection and love as well as happiness. It can help you realize your life and your greatest desires and help you realize your future goals. If you are going through a phase with a lot of stress in your life and need a calming energetic tool, or if you are having a hard time sharing the truth with the world, topaz is the right companion. This is not a coincidence, because in gemology it is said that the crystal chooses the person and not vice versa.