Cleansing and Recharging Gemstones

It is believed that the chemical structure of the gemstone is endowed with a kind of memory. This means that the crystal has the ability to store energies. Crystals can remember negative and positive energies, so they should be regularly cleaned and recharged every two weeks. This is because negative energy elements can be stored by the crystal, so it needs cleaning itself from time to time. If the gemstone lacks energy, it becomes immediately visible. It fades and becomes brittle and its radiance and effectiveness diminishes. That is why regular cleaning and recharging is so important with gemstones.

First and foremost, you should clean your new lucky charm thoroughly after purchase and before first use. This will ensure that no excess energy or false information from strangers will be passed on to you.

There are several ways to cleanse and recharge the crystals:

1. Natural way:

Cleansing with water

The easiest and most natural way is to cleanse the gemstone jewelry under running water for one minute after receiving your new lucky charm. In doing so, you should mentally imagine how you symbolically wash away the foreign energies. Dry it well afterwards.

Recharging via moonlight

Charge your gemstones over the night in the moonlight. The powerful self-information of the moon is especially transmitted during a full moon. For this reason, you should place your stone where the moonlight is most accessible at night. There the moon transmits its message to the stone.

Recharging via sunlight

To recharge him after cleaning, the sun, especially the light in the morning and evening is best suited to reactivate the gemstone. However, to recharge it, it should only be placed in the light for about 30 minutes after sunrise or up to 30 minutes before sunset. Exposure to direct sunlight for too long risks color loss. The gemstones absorb information from the sun and pass it on to us when we use them. As worn jewelry, the crystal charges itself through daylight and gives its valuable energy to you in perfect doses.

2. With the energy of other gems:

Cleansing with Hematite Stones

Another variation would be the power of hematite. Hematite is a highly conductive gemstone that can absorb energy and discharge gemstones. The name hematite is derived from the Greek "haemateios" which means bloody. Simply place your gemstone jewelry in a bowl of hematite tumbled stones for at least two hours to clean them.

Note: Especially suitable are bowls made of natural materials such as ceramic, wood or stone. Plastic bowls are not suitable, as they transfer their own vibrations to the stone.

Recharging with Rock Crystal

The rock crystal again helps you to charge your gemstones. It has activating and strengthening properties and intensifies them. Simply place your gemstone jewelry in a bowl full of rock crystal tumbled stones for at least as long as you did with hematite to charge it. The next time you use the gemstone, it can then release its potential. You can find a more detailed description of rock crystal here.

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